Langstone Charity Walk

24th May 2015

9.00am - 4.00pm

History of the Walk

Over 10 years ago one of our Lions, being very observant, was in the tourist information office on Hayling Island where he saw
a new leaflet about the Langstone Harbour Walk.

On reading this an idea came to him for a walk around the harbour. So at the next Lions meeting he shared his idea with all members
who then voted to implement this event. The rest you know, except to say, each year we strive to improve things in the way it is organised.


Each year sees the Lions raising funds for a named charity, so if you want to walk and do not know

who to raise funds for, then please support our Lions charities such as Message in a Bottle, it is a very good cause.

Last year the walk raised in excess of 20,000 but less than the previous year due to bad weather, but

all this went to support both local and national charities. Let's hope we can top that figure this year.

Some of the local groups that benefitted were, the Scouts, Army Cadets, Guides, Naomi House Children's

Hospice, Flash and others.

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The walk is organised by Hayling and Portsmouth Lions with help from Havant and Cosham branches.

Below are some pictures from previous years.



                     JO and Barry                Mother\\\\'s Union                  JO and Barry




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The Walk Route



             Langstone Harbour is an internationally important wildlife site and crucially, an area of real wilderness alongside a major city.

   Food rich mudflats and saltmarshes support huge flocks of wading birds, wildfowl and rare seabirds nest on its islands.



 Distance Between Checkpoints

             1 to 2 = 3 miles             

2 to 3 = 2 miles

3 to 4 = 2 miles

4 to 5 = 3 miles 

5  to 6 = 3 miles

6 to 7 = 2 miles


                                                                     There is ample car parking at checkpoint 4 (Broadmarsh ) for those walkers who live off the island.

                                                                     Note to all walkers - Look for the Langstone Harbour Walk sign which is a Blue circle pinned to posts

                                                                     with arrows showing you which way to go.




                           Check Point 1.  Eastney Ferry - You will walk past the Southsea Marina and regain the shore by turning right on Ferry Road and

                            following the footpath to the beach at the head of Eastney Lake. Providing the tide is low, you will be able to follow this to the

                            Thatched House Pub. At the end of the car park turn left to cross the footbridge over Milton Lock (part of the Portsmouth to London canal).

                            If  high tide follow the signs on the road.


                           Check Point 2.  Milton Locks to Ports Creek - Turn right after the footbridge and you will soon reach the harbour at Locks Sailing Club.
                           Keeping the harbour on your right

                           it is an easy walk following the sea wall along the Portsea shore. On this section you will pass Milton Common, Great Salterns Key,
                           Salterns Mansion (now a restaurant),

                           Portsmouth Outdoor Centre and Tutor Sailing Club. The path then skirts inland around Kendals Wharf (still used for gravel dredged from
                           the seabed). Look out for the path leading through the trees after you cross the access road. The path joins the pavement on Eastern
                           Road before crossing the bridge over Ports Creek to the mainland.


                           Check Point 3. Farlington Marshes - Immediately after crossing the bridge turn to your right and go into the car park. You will find a well
                           defined footpath and will come to a gate. Go through the gate and follow the footpath/cycleway to Broadmarsh. Those wanting to enjoy the
                           selection of birds at Farlington Marshes need to keep right  when you leave the car park.

                           Please note. This check point has a larger car park than Broadmarsh and there will be a Burger Bar on site for much needed refreshments. 


                           Check Point 4.  Broadmarsh - Follow the sea round on the path and you should go under a bridge and turn left up the slope. This will take
                            you to the main road where you will cross over and turn to your left and keep going until you get to another sign and turn right. From here 
                            continue following the sea round. The path will bear left and you  will come to a bridge on your right which you will go over and follow the
                            signs round to Mill Lane. Bear right to a short pathway with a house on your right and at the bottom turn sharp right. Continue on until you
                            reach the main road. The Ship Inn should be opposite you. Turn right and go over Hayling Bridge and bear right afterwards taking the
                            footpath along the harbour.


                           Check Point 5. Hayling Bridge - Follow the path round and this will take you onto the Hayling Billy trail. Continue on down this with the sea
                           on your right until you come to the Oysterbeds. These date back to the Victorian times and the creation of a permanent lagoon and shingle
                            islands has provided breeding sites for Gulls, Terns and a roost site for huge flocks of waders.

                           Check Point 6.  HIADS Theatre - Go through the car park with the theatre on your left and turn sharp right. Follow Sinah Lane, keeping to
                           the right, until you come to Warren Close, then take the footpath round the harbour. Now you will come to the Kench where you will see a
                           lot of houseboats moored. This is a local nature reserve run by Hampshire County Council. Turn right and walk along the pathway towards
                           Hayling Ferry with the Golf Club on your left.

                           Check Point 7.  Hayling Ferry -  For those walkers taking the Hayling Ferry we hope to have a reduced ticket price.