Members of the Lions have been busy planning a variety of activities for Hayling residents during the run up to Christmas. 

Routes for Father Christmas sleigh 4th December to 23rd December

Routes Link

Then, of course, we have the sleigh with Father Christmas visiting many of the roads on Hayling. This year we have a brand new sleigh and you won’t want to miss it. The first evening is on Sunday, December 4th and the last is on Friday 23rd December. All the routes are published in this edition of The Islander and you will also find them on a poster in our Community Shop in Elm Grove.

Xmas Lunch 9th December

If you are new to the Island and would to like to meet friends, you could attend the Christmas lunch organised by The Lions, in conjunction with The Hayling College. This year the lunch is on Friday December 9th. If you know of a friend orneighbour living on their own, please ask them if they would like to go to the lunch. To apply for a place, please telephone LION MARILYN on 02392462858.


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